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Solartraders is the go to marketplace when you want to purchase solar products at the most competitve prices. No middlemen, no hidden fees, no bullshit.

Solartraders is managing international pv transactions successfully since 2011.

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We started in 2011 with the vision to create a save online marketplace without boundaries. As a small distributor we were constantly strugling with the lack of transparency in the market, so we as young entrepreneurs build a technological solution. Helping companies to source the best solar products at the lowest prices is what sparked us.

Today we are very proud about all the support and trust we received from our customers, friends and colleagues.

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Very good communication, fast response. Delivery in time.

Reviewed 1 day ago by buyer from Netherlands

LR4-72HPH-445M - Longi Solar
660 pieces
ID: POT14022

Alles in Ordnung.

Reviewed 2 days ago by vendor from Austria

Placeholder inverter small
Sunny Boy SB 3000TL-21 - SMA
1 piece
ID: POT4504

Alles in Ordnung.

Reviewed 2 days ago by vendor from Germany

Placeholder module small
SL2-UF-L 105 - Solibro GmbH
120 pieces
ID: POT4063

Alles in Ordnung.

Reviewed 2 days ago by buyer from Spain

Sunny Tripower 17000 TL-10 - SMA
2 pieces
ID: POT7854

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We ensure that your transaction is safe.

Our free of charge Customer Protection guarantees a safe transaction for all business partners. Thus, engaging in new business relationships on an international level is free if worries as we protect your payments.

The buyer wiretransfers the money to our German escrow account. Subsequently, we inform the supplier and your order is shipped from their warehouse.

After you received your ordered products you inform Solartraders on the proper receipt of the delivery. Solartraders then wires the money to the vendor.

Selling on Selling on Solartraders

You are a manufacturer, distributor or EPC and interested in a cooperation? Major distributors and some well known brands in the industry are already succesfully selling their stock on the marketplace.

We would be happy to introduce you to our concept and the platform in a personal meeting.
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